Our Vision

Our vision is to actively participate in the national development projects and thus fulfilling the ever growing surveying and mapping demands of various government / semi-government and autonomous bodies.Read More

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill all sort of land surveying and mapping needs of armed forces as well as public sector organizations and general public across the country.Read More
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Geospatial Data Development Services

Survey of Pakistan (SoP) offers services to collect, develop and deliver geospatial data by using Total Station, GPS...... Read More
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Capacity Building Services

SoP also provides technical training up to diploma level in survey and mapping at Survey Training Institute (STI), Islamabad...... Read More
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Mapping Services

SoP provides a range of services in conventional as well as multimedia digital cartography...... Read More
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Site Coordinates Services

SoP supply geographical as well as projected coordinates at nominal price according to the user needs.... Read More
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Qibla Direction Services (Free)

SoP can be approached to provide its free of cost services to set qibla direction for mosques.... Read More
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Remote Sensing Services

SoP provides services that include image geo-referencing, classification and mosaicing...... Read More