Annual Development Program

Survey of Pakistan has the following 04 projects in PSDP 2019-20. Savings/surrenders in PSDP 2019-20 is as under:-




Description of Projects




Physical Targets

Remarks / Status


Construction of Office Complex including Boundary Wall for Survey of Pakistan, Lahore.


Rs.280.507 (M)


(Revised) Rs.359.625 (M)

Original Rs.80.632 (M)




Rs.205.507 (M)

i-  03 years project

ii- The project has been planned to complete during current financial year subject to provision of funds as mentioned in remarks column.

i-    Revised PC-I has been approved by DDWP held on 18-3-2020.

ii-    Funds for 4th quarter Rs.41.1014 (M) are under process for release.

iii- During next FY 2020-21 Rs.79.118 (M) are required to complete the project.


Procurement of 03 Nos. Latest Printing Machines for modernization of Survey of Pakistan (Revised)


[ Total Cost Rs.453.241 (M) ]


Rs.208.235 (M)



Rs.83.36 (M)

04 x colour printing machine will be procured in next financial year 2020-21.

i- Revised PC-I has been approved by CDWP on 01-1-2020.

ii- Administrative approval has been issued by Ministry of Defence on 14-2-2020. However, procurement would be made under PPRA rules and after contract agreement 6-8 month are required in delivery of machine. Hence, allocated funds during current financial year 2019-20 cannot be utilized.

iii- Hence, funds Rs.83.36 (M) will be surrendered during current financial year.


Establishment of New Generation National Geodetic Datum of Pakistan

[Total Cost Rs.1585.614 (M)]

Chinese Share Rs.1522.614 (M)

Pakistani Share Rs.63 (M)

Rs.5 (M)

Not on-going project

i- Draft implementation agreement of the project was submitted to Chinese side through EAD for their concurrence. Chinese side agreed with draft implementation agreement and conveyed their consent. Ministry of Defence has been requested to forward concurrence on agreement to Embassy of China on 09-3-2020 through proper channel (EAD) and proposed that agreement may be signed at the earliest.

ii-  Chinese delegation is due to visit Pakistan, however, due to Corona Virus pandemic, exact schedule of visit could not be shared.

iii- Therefore, Rs.5 (M) will be surrendered on 30-4-2020 on prescribed format.


Installation of New Tube Well in premises of Survey of Pakistan Colony at Brewery Road, Quetta.

Rs.5.611 (M)

Rs.5.633 (M)

The project will be completed during C.F.Y 2019-20.

i- Rs.5.611 (M) has been released and being utilized.

ii-  Rs.0.022 (M) will be surrendered.